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I really enjoy playing escape the room style games and also playing point and click games. So the combination of the two genres made it a must. I've also been following the creator on twitter for a while and have seen he had done a lot of fan art relating to point and click adventures so assumed it would be good.

You play as Linda (Mindy, Laura, Lucy, Leela) partnered up with Greg, an arrogant captain who thinks he knows everything and must also do everything. Interestingly, getting rid of him so you can do things for yourself becomes one of the puzzles.

The writing in this game is fantastic. You quickly begin to see that Linda has always put up with having Greg be the person to do all the things and act as if he knows all the answers. The conversations between the aliens who are trying to get into the room is also very funny as they struggle to open the door.

The game looks as if it could be slotted in amongst other early LucasArts point and click games. It begins with a title card that made me reminisce over the Indiana Jones' title cards.

The Exciting Space Adventure of Greg and Linda - Title Card

Impressively, this game only uses four colours to express its environments and characters. A white is used on all floor and walls whilst its counter-part, black, is used to emphasise the shadows and also create a silhouetted frame for us to look through. Cyan is used for outlines and some object fill and salmon pink is used for our character's spacesuits.

There is no background music in this game other than some courageous superhero jingle played during the title sequence prepping you for your exciting space adventure.

There are smaller sounds that are played throughout the game but they are saved for certain interactions: Greg falling onto the floor and hitting his face, aliens trying to open the room door with it failing. Saving the sounds for key moments makes it feel more punchy and also highlights the current situation clearer.

The Exciting Space Adventure of Greg and Linda - Where's Jim?

Moving your cursor around the screen allows you to easily find which objects are intractable. One of the main gripes with point and click games is that it is very easy for someone to begin pixel hunting for a small coin or needed screw; this game presents a label at the bottom of the screen displaying the objects name.

This game does not use a verb system. Instead you just click on an item to interact with. This will change based on if you are holding an item as it implies you are trying to use it with the click target. Finding the inventory system was hard though. If you move your cursor to the top of the screen, it displays a small strip along the top containing anything you have picked up plus a Quit button in the opposite corner. Before I found this, I button bashed my keyboard (starting with I, then E) intending an item dialog to appear.

This is a very quick game (five minutes) and would definitely recommend giving it a quick go.

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